Aura - Wire Collar
Aura - Wire Collar

Aura - Wire Collar

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INKY SODA wire collar is 304 stainless steel. 45cm in length, 1.6mm thick.

The Aura pendant is 40mm round disk, hand painted and sealed with high quality resin front and back to give a beautiful finish.

Jump rings are resined into the back of the pendant which loops onto the wire. The really cool thing about this wire is that it has a ball stopper on the end which can screw on/off. Allowing the pendant to be changed to match any outfit. How fun!.

As our pendants are all hand made, there is times when they may have small blemishes. But, all made with love & perfectly imperfect!

Colour & patterns of pendants vary as they are all hand made individually or hand poured resin in the moulds, therefor this means your pendant is selected at random.

Please read the care instructions to make sure you are giving your earrings the best life possible