Gerbera’s -  Hoops
Gerbera’s -  Hoops

Gerbera’s - Hoops

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INKY SODA Gerbera’s on hoops measure approx 45mmx50mm. Hand painted with inky goodness on Yupo paper and topped with good quality resin to give them a beautiful gloss protection!

As our earrings are all hand made, there is times when they may have small blemishes. But, all made with love & perfectly imperfect!

Earring hoops are 316grade stainless steal, silver colour.

Colour and earring patterns vary per pair as they are all cut out from art work before added detail & resin. Therefore, this means your pair are selected at random.

We try our best to photograph all pieces to show true colours, but keep in mind that different monitors may portray colours slightly differently.

Please read the care instructions to make sure you are giving your earrings the best life possible