The Maker


My name is Beck, creator of INKY SODA!

Located in the Clare Valley, South Australia and have been most of my life. 
I immediately loved this, alcohol inks are so fun and really allow one to express themselves. The support from people in my town was overwhelming, that was enough for me to keep this going. It’s super cool walking past someone who is wearing your art! I love learning something new with each collection I make, bettering myself, always.
People used to ask me how I have created this in demand product and successful business? I never really had an answer, other then “it just happened”, but that’s honestly not true. I feel like it just happened because I never imagined I’d be able to live this dream. But it was and is actually a lot of hard work. I’m proud to have turned INKY SODA into an iconic Australian brand, and still run it entirely on my own.
I also run a household that homes a strange husband, a cute as 4 year old, 2 year old, a crazy boxer, a giant chocolate Labrador x curly retriever, a domesticated warmth stealing house cat!
Life is never dull here, let’s just say there’s not much time to put the clean clothes away... too busy day dreaming about my next pattern or design! Lol