Who designs INKY SODA?

Beck is everything that is INKY SODA.

check out About Me section.


What are INKY SODA earrings made from?

INKY SODA earrings are made from quality synthetic paper, various inks, acrylics and glitters & high grade resin. We use 316grade surgical steel earring posts & hoops. Sometimes we use 304 or brass where 316 isn’t available, this will be noted on listening if so.


Where are the products you use to create your art, sourced from?

Most products used are sourced from small businesses within Australia. We do however source supplies internationally when not available in Aus.


Can you do a custom order for me?

No, we no longer take on custom orders. As fun as it is, with products high in demand, custom orders slow down the creating process of restocks. Sorry 💔


Can you put items aside for me?

No sorry, if we say yes to one, we have to say yes to all… and there’d be nothing left in the online store on restock night. Haha


If I see something I like on Instagram/ Facebook, how do I order it?

You can’t. We use our social media platforms to showcase what is being created at the time, and what will be in upcoming restocks. Engaging with our friends on a daily basis is important to us, we always want to show you what Beck is getting up to. And get you excited for the restock. You really need to take it on board when we say you need to be quick if there’s something you want!


What’s the fastest way to checkout during an INKY restock?

We personally find Apple Pay the fastest method- especially for a single purchase. We advice checking out with your most wanted item first, trust us, if you put it in your cart and go for a stroll around the shop… it won’t be there when you get back.

We do combine postage for multiple orders. Use “andagain” in the code section at checkout, not the notes.

During peek traffic times, with multiple customers checking out at the same time, all methods of payment can glitch.

If you’re using Visa or PayPal, create an account on our website to get your details saved and ready to go. That’l make checking out a little quicker for you.


I just went onto the website, but everything is sold out!?

We know? How annoying!

So we’ve created this amazing brand (Beck has), it’s fuelled by passion and love. The quality is rockin’, and everyone wants to own it. This just warms our hearts, and we’re always pinching ourselves over it! Is this really happening?

So because it’s handmade by only one person, it takes time to make a couple hundred pairs for a restock. We work in… OMG I’m going to stop saying we. It’s not we, it’s me, or I. Lol. So I’ve decided I like to work in 6 weekish turn around times, this works best for me. It gives my customers a break in between purchases (if they can’t resist 😜), but most importantly gives me lots of time to create many different art works. Some are detailed, and all illustrated individually. I like to restock a lot at once, I don’t like restocking in tiny batches. So if you jump on in between this 6 week period, the website will be almost empty, or will be empty. I’m very appreciative! Sorry to disappoint. I’d love it if you keep following the journey and jump on a restock in the future if you can. X


Is it ok if I stalk you?

Honestly, I’d prefer you didn’t. 😊


Is it ok that when I see your design ideas, I tweak your design a little (or not at all) and then make and claim it as my own?

Again, I’d prefer you didn’t… If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll happily explain why.


How long does it take for my order to be posted once purchased?

It will take between 2-5 working days (2-7 during peek times)

All orders are packed by just me. Please be patient. I know most of you are.

You’ll receive an email notification with your tracking number when the shipping docket is printed. Then when your order has been fulfilled you’ll receive another email, and then when it’s been lodged at the post office you should receive a notification. From then on, hopefully you are able to keep track off your order via Australia Post App. If you have this set up, you should receive updates from them as well.


Standard or express, no matter which you select at checkout, this does not change the speed of the packing time.


Free postage?

I no longer offer free postage over a certain amount spent as it just isn’t viable for the business. The postage rates are on par with Australia Post, and I have to pay postage on every order I send out.

If you live locally (Clare Valley), there is an option to select Free local delivery at checkout IF your post code is classified as local. If you have a P.O. Box within the qualified postcode area, make sure you leave a note for a residential delivery address. I can not deliver to you post box for free.


I SHIP internationally (excluding Europe & UK... sorry ladies)!

I’ll get onto that one day 🥴🥴

INKY SODA earrings have tiny backings to hold them in place on your lobes. They may also have jump ring connections and other small resin pieces. Be mindful to keep your earrings safe & out of reach of children, as they may be a choking hazard.